Newsstand Marketing

Supporting your publications at points of sale in Switzerland.

We can help you market your publications at their points of sale, supporting your marketing, pricing, and business strategies.

Our expert consultancy helps your publications attract potential readers effectively at newsstands.

Our experienced sales team visits all press-based sales points in German- and Italian-speaking Switzerland: managing 1,500 sales points in every quarter across the relevant distribution regions.

And that's not all – we are the ideal partner for your special assignments, launches, relaunches and time-specific marketing campaigns. We work with you to develop a strategy for achieving your retail distribution targets.

What we offer

  • Motivation of kiosk staff
  • Optimised presentation of publications
  • Optimised distribution
  • Analysis of the competition
  • Merchandising

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Discover how we can help you optimize all aspects of your kiosk and newsstand sales.


We are also available to assist you with the consultation, implementation and support of suitable press promotions.

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